Team Check In

All teams are required to check in before they participate in the 2022 Northeast Qualifier.  Please read all the directions below for the current 2022 process!

Remember for the NEQ

Coach must present Roster at each match: At Check-in, you will receive one of the printed /signed rosters, which will become your “official” roster. The coach must present this roster to the Match Official at the beginning of every match, and keep the roster with them throughout the tournament. 

NOTE: If the coach does not have their roster with them when match official requests it, coach must obtain another copy of the roster from the Championship Desk – which will cost $10 payable at that time.

Coach Note:

Beginning with the 2022 NEQ 2, coaches will be issued a QR code which will serve as their entrance credential into the play areas. The plastic credential issued at team check in will not get coaches or team representatives into the courts.


See the “Coach Entrance” section below for details.

NEQ Volleyball