EM2 Housing will handle all of your hotel needs for the 2022 Northeast Qualifier.

Hours of Operation: 8am – 5pm CST Monday through Friday
Phone: 1-800-603-0917

Reservations open Wednesday December 1, 2021 at 8am CST
If hotels are showing sold out or closed, please contact EM2 Housing to get hotel accommodations.

Important Note

“This event is a stay-to-play tournament. Due to the high demand for hotel rooms and limited availability, EM2 Housing has made arrangements for additional hotel options to still qualify for the stay-to-play requirements.

Check out 2022 Northeast Qualifier3-14O/U,15O/U16O/U/L,17U/A – Lucid Travel  to view additional city-wide discounts and book your hotel room for this stay-to-play tournament; please enter your club and team name in the custom fields to receive team credit.”

NEQ Volleyball